Jeef Curve

What is Jeef Curve (Why is it good!)

Fundamentally Jeef curve stays on Tavern 1 on turn 2 (4 gold), and then levels on turns 3 (5 gold) and 4 (6 gold).
Jeef curve aims to take advantage of strong tier 1 minions, while still leveling up to tier 3 relatively quickly.

Which Heros should play Jeef Curve

Any hero when provided with the correct tier 1 minions.

Jeef curve wants Tribes that provide strong tier 1 and tier 3 minions: Mechs, for micro mummy on tier 1 and deflect-o-bot on tier 3; Quilboars and Dragons for their strong tier 3 minions; Pirates for deck swabbie on tier 1 and briny bootlegger on tier 3.
Usually economy tribes negatively affect jeef curve; though you will need one economy card to optimally play jeef curve, the presence of murlocs/beasts/elementals makes tier 1 significantly better, making warrior curve more attractive, and makes tier 3 minions worse on average.

Turn 1 (3 Gold

Buy 1 Premium 1 drop or an Economy Card

Turn 2 (4 Gold)

Buy either
-a pair on your 1 drop
-an economy card
-a premium 1 drop

Turn 3 (5 Gold)

Buy either econ if you did not do so yet.
If you already have an econ card buy a premium 1 drop.

Turn 4 (6 Gold)


Turn 5 ( 7 Gold) Main Line

Roll 1, Buy 2

Turn 5 ( 7 Gold) Level Variation


Turn 6 ( 8 Gold) Main Line

Sell 1 Level // Roll 2 Buy 2

Turn 6 ( 8 Gold) Level Variation

Roll 2, Buy 2