Warrior Curve

What is Warrior Curve (Why is it good!)

Warrior Curve is focused around the power and ecomony provided by tier 1 minions, specifically to Triple quickly and consistently.
It also allows for good avenge setups, since many tier 1 minions die twice in combat.

Which Heros should play Warrior Curve?

Every hero can play the curve if enough Economy cards are found early allowing efficient 5 and 7 gold turns.

Preferred Heros are those who increase consistency in doing it, or gain extraordinary benefits from the triple rewards: Nozdormu and Yogg'Saron for example can playing warrior curve more consistently, and heroes like Reno or Gallywix can win games easily off the back of good tier 4 minions.


  1. Beasts/Murlocs/Elementals for economy for easier triples.

  2. Elementals/Demons for useful tier 4 avenge cards.

Turn 1 (3 Gold)

Turn 1 you are looking into buying a Token minion or a Premium one drop. Acolyte of C'Thun has high priority for its avenge synergy.

Turn 2 (4 Gold)

Turn 2 you have 1 roll at your disposal to look for another premium 1 drop or tokens, as well as pairs. If you have found a Token minion, there is high incentive to freeze a shop with two good minions, to cleanly play turn 3.

Turn 3 (5 Gold)

Turn 3 you are looking at buying 2 Minions, requiring you to sell a minion, likely a Token.
Setting up pairs is a priority, freezing triples if possible. If there aren't two good minions to buy in your first shop, use your two extra gold to roll for a single good minion and a good shop to freeze for turn 4.

Turn 4 (6 Gold)

Turn 4 you are looking to hit a Triple or buy further Premium pairs.
Holding a triple in hand is good for tripling into a 4 fast, keeping a triple frozen is good if you want to go for a Tier 5 Minion)

Turn 5 (7 Gold)

This turn you are looking at Double Leveling from 1 to 3 for a total cost of 8 gold. (Selling a minion or swabby are needed). If you are holding a triple from turn 4, this is the time to play it and discover a Tier 4 Minion. If you want to discover a Tier 5 Minion, freeze one more turn, and level and triple on turn 6.