Rafaam Curve

What is Rafaam Curve (Why is it good!)

Rafaam curve is named after the minion-stealing Rafaam: its goal is to use 1 cost heropowers every turn in the earlygame for maximum utility, while picking up useful tier 1 minions (similar to warrior curve). Rafaam curve levels to tier 2 on turn 4 (6 gold), to be able to heropower every turn without wasting gold.

Which Heros should play Rafaam Curve

Rafaam curve is strong on heroes with 1 cost heropowers that provide value. Examples are Rafaam, Maiev, Mukla, etc.
Heroes with 1 cost heropowers that should not play rafaam curve are those like Toki, Tess, or Saurfang, who do not gain any extra value out of every heropower.

Rafaam curve is not specifically aiming to make use of any specific minion type: since its main goal is to utilize specific heropowers, which tribes are best will depend on the heropower you are using.

Turn 1 (3 Gold

buy a minion

Turn 2 (4 Gold)

buy, heropower

Turn 3 (5 Gold)

roll, buy, hero

Turn 4 (6 Gold)

level, buy, heropower

Turn 5 (7 Gold)

level, heropower

Turn 6 (8 Gold)

level, heropower