Basic Curve

What is Basic Curve? (Why is it good!)

The most basic way to play the game. Basic curve is easy to learn, straightforward to play. Compared to other curves it doesn't really have any redeeming qualities; it's relatively unlikely to present the player with significant immediate strength or triple potential. A succesful basic curve is generally reliant on finding a Token Minion on turn 1.

Which Heros should play Basic Curve?

No hero wants to play Basic Curve; it mostly serves as a backup option. When aiming for a 3 on 3 curve, if the tier 2 minions offered on turn 3 (5 gold) are too good to skip, any hero can choose to play Basic Curve instead.

Beasts, Demons, and Quilboars provide the best chance for basic curve, since they have some of the only worthwhile tier 2 minions (at least in terms of strength, not necessarily direction or ease of tripling), in Rabid Saurolisk, Sewer Rat, Imprisoner, Nathrezim Overseer, Prophet of the Boar, and Road Boar. Note that these minions are often only worthwhile when presented in pairs or with correct synergy between them.

Turn 1 (3 Gold)

Buy a Token. Notably Deck Swabbie does not work for this curve.

Turn 2 (4 Gold)

Level to Tier 2

Turn 3 (5 Gold)

Sell a Token, buy the two strongest, most synergistic minions offered.
In the case where there are no two good minions in the shop, likely the better play is not to play Basic curve, but instead 3 on 3. If you wish to still play Basic Curve, take up to two rolls and buy a single minion.

Turn 4 (6 Gold)

Buy the two strongest, most synergistic minions offered.
This is
Basic Curve's most awkward turn in the game, since there are very few good alternatives to simply buying two minions. If the shop is bad, you will often have to buy bad minions anyway, since leveling now is very gold inefficient.

Turn 5 (7 Gold)

Level to Tier 3 , buy one minion.
If your initial shop is very bad, you can roll on tier 3, then sell off the second half of your token to buy a minion.

Turn 6 ( 8 Gold) Fast

Roll, Level to 4

Turn 6 ( 8 Gold) Slow

Buy 2, Roll 2 times