Yogg Standard Curve

What is Yogg Standard Curve(Why is it good!)

Yogg Standard Curve, similarly to Yogg Aggro Curve, aims to efficiently use 2 cost heropowers. However, in contrast to the aggro curve, standard curve tries to be faster at getting tier 2 and tier 3 minions; leveling slightly faster, as opposed to getting more minions on board as quickly as possible. It's currently not a very useful curve to know, since in most situations tier 1 minions are significantly better than tier 2 minions.

Which Heros should play Yogg Standard Curve

There are currently no heroes that actively want to play yogg standard curve. Yogg'Saron and Xyrella are both capable of it.

Beasts, Demons, and Quilboars provide the best chance for yogg aggro curve, since they have some of the only worthwhile tier 2 minions (at least in terms of strength, not necessarily direction or ease of tripling). These are: Rabid Saurolisk, Sewer Rat, Imprisoner, Nathrezim Overseer, Prophet of the Boar, and Road Boar. Note that these minions are often only worthwhile when presented in pairs or with correct synergy between them, and there is not necessarily a smooth leveling curve to follow other than 3 on 3 if the minions in your turn 3 (5 gold) shop are bad.

Turn 1 (3 Gold

buy token or heropower

Turn 2 (4 Gold)


Turn 3 (5 Gold)

buy, heropower

Turn 4 (6 Gold)

level, sell token and herop

Turn 5 (7 Gold)

double buy + heropower (selling token)

Turn 6 (8 Gold)

level, herop